Long Term Food Storage Samples!

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Looking into adding to your long term food storage?
GO Foods offers THE BEST food in the world. But don’t just take our word for it — try it yourself! FOR FREE! Just pay a small shipping charge and we’ll cover the cost of the food!
1 Creamy Tuscan Pasta (4 servings) $8.75
1 Cheddar Chicken Rice (4 servings – Gluten-Free) $8.75
1 Western Potato Chowder (4 servings – Gluten-Free) $6.87
1 Kona Joe Coffee (1 serving) $1.78
1 Tropical Piña Colada All Natural Energy Shooter (1 serving) $2.21
1 Orange Passion Green Tea (1 serving) $1.96
1 Company Brochure & Product Catalog $1.00
1 Audio CD $3.00
1 Presentation Package (holds all contents) $3.00
That is a $37 Value! 
Just pay a small shipping and handling charge
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